Monday, November 03, 2008

Halloween etc

So we marched the little one out in her cozy, fleecy Unicorn outfit (from when Aidan was 3...thanks Grandma!). She clearly thought the whole thing strange. It took her quite a while to not yell, "No nononono!" and back out everytime someone asked her if she wanted a "treat". By the end, though, she was digging it. Walking up and saying "treat?" And then taking one, and saying "THANK YOU!" as we left. Until the last house. Where she walked in. And wouldn't leave. And when I picked her up, she said, "NO! Stay! FUN!" Soo.... note to self, Baby likes strangers.

Today, she has been meandering around behind and underneath me in the office, and rumaged through the recycling in order to wear an oatmeal box on one foot, a cracker box on another, and a granola box on her arm. Very funny. She even made strange noises and danced, and put on a woolen cap. Never mind that she had no pants or diaper on.

The elder two spent the weekend at their dad's, enjoyed their trick or treating, but Aidan asked to stay home next year to scare little kids. *Sigh* Already?? I still want to go trick or treating, just to get dressed up and walk around. Oh well.

Colin and I went to a yearly ritual in Craftsbury, a nice little sware with punk bands and a sign on the door telling all those under 21 to beware and run away. There have been years when this was a wild place, but this year it was fun... all the people we know there in costumes, good music, people from past years, and we got to say hey to everyone. We left relatively early, since Colin had to work in the morning.

We're getting ready to vote tomorrow, and the kids are excited to come with us. We plugged the tv back in so we can watch the results tomorrow night.

Colin and I have begun searching to buy a house again. We're feeling like we got ourselves in over our heads with the downstairs neighbors. They party all the time, are really loud, keep the heat up, and use all the hot water. And when Colin approached them the other day about noise, they told him our kids are loud. (No kidding! They're kids!). And now that the barn has been run over by horses and hay, and the downstairs neighbors have filled the side yard with snow machines, we think that maybe we should look elsewhere. The problem is there doesn't appear to be anything in this school district (same high school is ok, but in the elementary school district they all come with a gazillion acres and we can't afford them), and of course, we'd rather not move the kids into a new school again.

But frustrations aside, we are looking forward to Thanksgiving, and all of you coming to be with us. What do you all want to make? Ivy, I know Colin wants the sweet potato banana thingy you made last year. But I am totally open to suggestions... I will fill in around what you guys want to make, so let me know!

As for Christmas and the two birthday kids, we are trying to get them to say what they want. Sage of course, wants clothes, but really doesn't need any. Maybe she could use tights, stockings, socks, and "accessories"? Bracelets, necklaces, hair ties, headbands, etc? I really don't know how to feed her love for clothes, without having to wash more stuff!! Bedroom "froofies" like picture frames and throw pillows are always a plus, I think. She has flowers (pink, yellow and purple) on her quilt, and red ladybugs. She is also really loving her dance class in Burlington, and her teacher praises her all the time, so I am debating getting her into an afterschool dance class here as well, so maybe she could use some legwarmers, ballet slippers, and leotards? (And those funny dancer's sweater with the long arms but not much of a body... like arm warmers?) And maybe yoga clothes. I have been debating yoga class for her. She would also like a magazine by the Cricket group. And music. I have no idea what kind, but I'd imagine it would be Disney-esque, like Raven, Cheeta Girls, Hannah Montannah, and the Jonas Brothers. But she has a lot of that on her MP3 player, so I really don't know. Books are good, as she is actually reading a bit herself now. SHe LOVES Junie B Jones books, and we only have 4 of them. American Girl books are awesome for her, as well as "stuff" for her dolls. She also wants her own sketchbooks and art supplies. Size 8-10 clothes (Medium.... sometimes this is a little big, but 8 is about right). Feet are a 1.

Aidan would like to keep getting a magzine but would like to switch back to Dig from Calliope. Since he missed getting into school lessons, I am trying to figure out how to get him some private lessons, and to rent an instrument. Anyone who'd like to contribute to that is welcome! I have emailed his music teacher to ask for a list of names of teachers. He's really into music, and really quite good at it. I still have some beginning sax music, so I think we're ok on some of that. We also have stands, and a metronome. He is enjoying the comic book club at the library, so comic book stuff is good too. Also graphic novels are a favorite (Although definitely check out the content first!!). He could use some clothes, and asked for sweat pants and really big sweatshirts and tshirt (I know.... I know.... ). But he also likes real dress up clothes. And boxer briefs ("No tighty whiteys Mom!"). He also likes music, but again, hard to know what and whether to buy or whether I could just find him some stuff on the computer and burn it for him. He has asked for "the new" Bionicles and Legos. Also, as always, Buddha stuff and books now on Judeaism and Buddhism.

Nadia is really into books, and playing with the trains, and the kitchen and doll stuff. She has also begun getting into dress ups. And ours are pretty sad at this point! They've been through a lot of wear and tear (So get out and get those cheapo post halloween costumes! Dig through the christmas tree crap to get to them!). SHe has begun to get into art stuff more and more, and we'd love some beeswax modelling clay, or real clay. She needs clothes, size 2 ish (She's in 18 months right now). She needs pants, and I would love for her to have tight-like legging pants that could be worn with any number of outfits. She also needs long sleeve shirts and layers. I'd love for her (and all the kids, actually) to have polypro long underwear and winter pjs. Wool socks for them all. Nadia also loves her wooden toy car, and would love more.

But again, remember that they don't need much, and would probably love one big, thoughtful, natural thing more than a lot of little stuff. I am really struggling with what to get them. I am debating snow shoes for them so we can all go out together. Our sleds are kind of sad, so they would love some new ones. Anything that keeps them busy outside, or encourages them to think and spend time with their own minds is great. Also, things that remind them of you all! And the things we all do together.

I personally would love to see them get things they need (long underwear, socks, etc), and a few things they wants, and a few things for them to DO. Right now it looks like I might be taking a few kids in come January, so I really need less stuff to trip over, and more toddler appropriate things out, and more sensory stuff. Clay, yarn, paper, etc.

As for us, I have no idea. I'd love it if you'd all collect used sheets from yard sales and thrift stores for me to make rugs out of. And I'd love more canvas to paint rugs. Also a nice set of decent paint brushes. I'm sure there are things we have talked about needing, but I don't remember what they were. I will get back to you all on that.

We want to know what you all want from us as well. Let us know so we can get started! With school, I am trying to get the holidays set ahead of time, as much as possible.

We love you all, and miss you and will talk to you all soon.

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Anonymous said...

You are getting organizeder and organizeder in your early middle age. Yea you! Tell your son to email me. I have some Christmas/Thanksgiving planning to do with him. I love you. Mom