Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mo' Dreams at MoMA

Gustav Klimt. Right there.

Brush strokes on a Monet.

Marilyn in all her golden glory and Andy's soup cans.

Legos. Can shapes. Chairs galore.

An Airstream camper.

And outside, new ideas on modular and solar housing.

Wow. Wowow.

Being out with just Colin at the MoMA, walking in Manhattan, sipping the strongest cup of coffee I have ever tasted, and running into (literally) Eliott Spitzer was about the best time I have ever had. Art that was unique and interesting and something we had always seen.

Perhaps I could have done without the gazillions of Picassos. And Picasso sculptures. Everywhere.

But the stuff was pretty cool. I longed for more design art. Furniture and buildings and clothing. But the rest was neat. Some was just plain weird. The exhibit on photpgraphy through time was cool. And the modular homes outside were really cool.

The best thing was all the people. All walks of life from all over the world in there, for free, looking at the art.

I'm going again someday.

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