Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Universe of Pieces

Ducks running in the rain, dipping and sipping in the puddles
Chickens huddled all together
Feathers fluffed and poufed and full
Dog curled up on hay
Piggies running in the rain
Hay thrown from pig to pig
And when tired
A piggie pile under the little pigpen roof

Play yard raked and ready
Temporary fence evoking a beach
Rock piles and wood chunk blocks
Leftovers from construction projects
Pieces of small constructions yet to be
Trikes and horseys, trucks and cars,
Slides and swings

New tv set up
New dvd player working finally
Not for mindless hours
But good today for some Anne
That Green Gables Girl
And a little Otis with our Milo
Just in spits and spurts
Bits and Pieces
While we play and sing and read
A Rainy rainy rainy day.

Runny noses
Stuffed heads
Sore throats even
Lots of apples and tea
Salad and greens
Soup for dinner
Achy muscles
Sore body
Sickness or day-after-work?

Sun will come
And out we'll go
To play yet another day
More fencing to finish
More fairy houses to build
More rocks to carry
And finally, finally dirt
Where all the snow had hid
This year's potential

Smiles and worries
Happiness and Sadness
Planning madness?
Planning glory?
One and same?
Spring brings trust in self
Trust in the world
Everything works out in the end
Each day is fresh
With no mistakes in it yet