Sunday, October 05, 2008

Good News


Now we're scrambling to get everything taken care of (child care, deposit, residency request info, fin aid, etc...) before SATURDAY!! (Woah.) We're down to about three days we have to figure care for Nadia, and I may have to look into before school/after school for Aidan and Sage on those days. We'll figure it out.

We miss you all. If you'd like to actually catch us at home and not eating dinner, 7pm is usually a good time! I pick the kids up at 4 usually on Sundays, so we're home around 4:30. Sunday is usually an easy dinner so feel free to call anytime Sunday evenings.

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Ivy said...

Erica - Congratulations!! I'm not surprised they accepted you and I hope you really enjoy the program. I look forward to buying you your business cards when it's time to hang your shingle!
Love, I