Thursday, February 04, 2010

The things I didn't do today

I didn't get the mail. I haven't finished scraping the kitchen walls... and "Scotland" remains firmly intact, if covered in bluish wallpaper-remover goo. Bake. Put the roast on for hours... I guess we'll eat it tomorrow. Call the school. Take the girls in for shots, Nani had a fever yesterday and Milo one today, and I wanted to be sure everyone was well before we headed into the germ bin. Wash my hair. Decide what I am supposed to do with the busted-ass mini van, broken-up and uninspectable Subaru, and the lack of a working child transporter ever since the Rav finally sold. Sort baby clothes (again). Sort diaper wraps (again). Clean out the closet in Nani's room.

What I DID do today:
Nurse. Drink coffee with chocolate syrup. Scrape the kitchen walls. Do lotsa laundry. Dishes. Make shit on a shingle for breakfast. Cuddle everyone; at least for 30 seconds. Tuck homework in a bag. Eat delicious left-over white pizza that C made and cream-on-top-whole-milk-french-vanilla-organic yogurt. Help N do sommeraults on the thermarest. Change many a poop. Nurse lots more. Pump. Pump again. Print out chore sheets. Write out the itches in my brain.

What I MIGHT do:
Nap. Mop. Sweep. Vacuum. (OK, I won't nap but I will definitely clean the floors). More laundry, for sure. Move my bed. Clean/organize/trash the big kids room.

What I do everyday without a doubt:

Love love love. And hate. And cry. And love some more. Passion is as passion does.

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