Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sorta snow day

It's snowing, It's snowing, the Old Man is shoveling...

Nah... but it is snowing. We aren't supposed to get nearly as much as people south of here, but more than we would've in Craftsbury. The kids' school district was only one of a few that was actually open today; only to send them all home at 12:30. Good thing our official, on-file, family emergency plan is "Come home on the bus" because I doubt I would make it up the driveway at a quarter to one. The roads really aren't that bad, but I did see a few people slide a bit on my way to the grocery store this morning... mostly because people can be idiots and they were driving way too fast around unsanded corners. But, Who am I to judge??

The snow day is exciting for me because it means that afterschool activities have been cancelled, and I am therefore able to cook a real meal yet again. We have a had a real dinner almost every night this week. Sage had practice yesterday, but got home at the same time as Colin. And on Monday, Aidan did not bring all his work home for me to review, so he was unable to go to his game.

Nadia has entered a very crafty stage it seems; I am constantly catching her dumping/ripping/hiding/breaking something. And she is very pouty when you catch her... which makes it very hard to keep a straight face as she stomps off to her bedroom and pouts and tears up in the doorway.

We had another poultry catastrophe this week, as Janess's little poofy doglet ate 6 more chickens, and Naked Chicken (although his remains are still MIA) appears to have finally met his end. Very sad. He'd survived so very much, including being the nearly flat chick in the bottom of the box when they arrived last spring.

But we are not deterred (Or at least, I am not deterred). This spring my order goes in for specific breeds of ducks... we want Runners for their eggs (prolific layers) and their funny gait. Probably only chocolate and blue colors. And my Cayguas, of course. And perhaps some of the weird Albert Einstein looking thingys called "Crested" ducks. Colin wants only white ones, but I am inclined to get some funny colors of them, too. And then we are going for Aracaunas for chicken eggs (the "easter egg" hens). Probably a chicken-tractors-worth of meat birds. And lastly, some silkies. They are a bantam breed that has feathers that feel like hair (and a weird crest on their heads and feathered feet), and black skin/bones/meat. They are a delicacy in Asian cooking, but just coming up here in the states. Apparently their meat is very rich, and some people freak out when they see the color. I guess it is less actual "black" meat and more like the dark meat on a regular chicken, only all the way through. Very good for soup and hot pots. Also arroz con pollo. So I hope to do quite a few of these guys... they lay small cream colored eggs and are excessively broody... you can set them on anyone's eggs. So hopefully we can get males for meat birds, and females to set on eggs so we never have to order chicks again. They'll even sit on goose eggs! (Although we are not getting any geese naytime soon). We are, however, thinking about turkeys. What kind and how many are still up for debate. I have found a local source for the silkies, and maybe we can see what we can get at the feed stores in group orders. I am hoping to do my aracauna chicks that way. And maybe the turkeys as well.

Time for thinking about seedlings is in order, as things like tomatoes and peppers really need to be seeded indoors by Town Meeting Day (first Tuesday in March). By the end of March, usually a lot of other things need to be in the trays, so I am looking ahead to that.

Well, I had better go figure out lunch.... the kids will be here soon and I imagine they got sent home before they ate.

Love to you all.


Anonymous said...

You are such a New England housewife! Love reading your farming updates. Sorry about the poor chickens. (I'd say it's time to take little poofy dog for a very long drive...)
Get a photo of pouty Nana; it's good to have photographic evidence of babies/children doing things other than smiling and posing. Will bring back memories later on! I still love the pic I have of miserable, crying baby Colin.
Miss you all!
IJG (whose Comment will be posted as Anonymous cause I can never remember my Google password)

Anonymous said...

Loved your note on this "Why did we think we wanted to stay North" day. I think you enjoy the snow way more than we do! A foot of snow yesterday. Aargh. Glad to hear the saxophone is in place, and don't mind telling you that Aidan sounds better on his first day with lips on reed than Erica did. Much love and smoochy love from here. Hello our Moose. How was your day? Grandma G