Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Catch up time

Hello lovelies, one and all...

I know, I know... "Where ya been, gurl?"

Far too busy for words, I guess.  Especially these words.  But now I am resisting the urge to rearrange the books on the shitty Big Lots shelves, or to go deal with the brussel sprouts before the chickens do, and I am writing to you.  Well, me.  Or whomever it may be.

I went on a thrifting splurge last week which produced several fabulous items for the ease of my life.  Colin already dropped the inner glass thing to the Pyrex coffee percolator, so we can't use it anymore.  And all my Ebaying and craigslisting has only turned up the stems for smaller pots.  So first order of business was a plug-in fifties metal percolator.  Which promptly reminded me of what old office or church coffee tastes like, and why kids didn't like coffee.  Ick!  Colin actually says he prefers it.  I think I would rather eat mud.  Off the bottom of my shoe.  From the pig pen.  One bonus:  coffee is still warm four hours later when you forgot all about it and didn't remember to finish that cup sitting on the counter.  You can turn your left ankle out, cock your head to the right, put on your best Stepford Wives' smile and pour yourself a big ol' cup o' sludge, dump in the nutmeg and half-n-half, and if you are lucky, you remember to choke it down before it too cools and you have to do it all over again.  But damn, that coffee pot looks cool on my Formica.

But the thrift store yielded far better results this week.  A sweet pair of vinyl and faux sheepskin calf-height boots were a tad too small for me, but look smashing on Ms. Sage.  I loaded up on unworn shirts and a sweet pair of "job interview" capri pants.  (I have been offered a million jobs this week, and desperately need to decide what I want to do... and how much I can afford to be out of the home;  I know this leaves you all salivating for more details, but I am not clear-headed enough on the subject to discuss it.  So there.  I'll let you all know after a really long car ride.  That always clears my head).

Two sets of cafe' curtains made  the removal of those hideous, busted, lead-ridden, and dangerous vinyl shades finally possible.  I hung them on expandable curtains rods I bought at Big Lots in a moment of optimism... that I would just find  the perfect curtains/shades/whatevers for the room instantly.  And I did!  They are whitish (not really cream, but not perfect white, either... I know, you just had to have the details of hue, didn't you, dahlings?).  And I have hung them 3/4ths of the way up... providing us with light and privacy. Of course, I open them in the morning when light is pouring through.  They soften up the living room, and it is ever so much more pleasant to hang out in here.

Especially with music on the stereo, and Nadia's bear cave under the circle table.  She has been dreaming and talking about bears a lot lately (as have I), so we got a book out of the library about bears, and I threw some blankets over the round table in the living room, some cushions under it, and BLAM!  BEAR DEN!  Add teddy bears for bear cubs and a seal on the blue "ice" of the LR rug, and you have Arctic bear play for hours. Pretty dang rockin, if I do say so myself.  Add stories and songs about bears, and what do you need preschool for??  Ya got me!

Laundry got caught up, the roof is on the barn, after much in the way of trials and tribulations and RAIN, and the house is in mostly working order.

Aidan got his early birthday/Christmas present... an incredibly amazing Magnavox stereo cabinte from way back when, with a record player and radio.  He's spent hours playing old jazz standards.  Gotta love that kid! And now he wants a Mob-themed, 20s birthday party,  (Can you be a flapper Mom?)

Well, babies are disintegrating all around me, so it is time to go be the grown up.  I'll write more later.



Mama Pajama said...

wonderful, thanks for sharing. somehow, this makes me feel a bit better about everything I face in a day!

One question, though. You call yourself Gypsy - are you really? Genetically, racially, culturally? It's been a big issue lately, and though I haven't said anything about it before, I feel compelled to, now. We who are Romani have trouble when our culture is used as a descpritor for something else...like, what are you implying by calling yourself Gypsy? Is it really accurate? I'm sure that culturally, you are many things, but you do not identify them in the title of your blog. Something to think about, and maybe here is not the place to engage in that discussion.

Thanks for the perspective! ♥ Miriam

EricaLeigh said...

Oh Miriam, as usual, you're right! I have thought about that... and of course, it has been in the news a great deal lately, because of France's right wing agenda. As an adoptee, of course, I only have had an inkling of genetic history until recently. European, yes... what kinds? Who knows really? Mostly run of the mill pre 1600's excapees to the New World. So... prolly whiter than white. Lots of Native American sprinkled round in here, so probably a more apt description would be "nomad", but these days, with a home tied to the waistband, much less so. Hm. Lots to think about... after my trip to the doc's with one kiddo, I will def remedy. No insult or co-opting meant by it!

Mama Pajama said...

Just saw this response, Erica - thanks for understanding, and no offense meant! It's just one of those things...you are a Super-Mama, that's for sure, and I bow to you in your glory! Hallelujah!