Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things we'd like to collect for activities/projects

So, I will have 4-5 extra kids around the place this summer.  Since everyone up here is just as scavenging as me... I thought I'd put up a dream list.

  • Old sheets, table cloths, shower curtains.  This includes vinyl for outdoor/wet stuff, and sheets for fabric.
  • buttons buttons buttons
  • odd pieces of wood, blocks, etc.
  • wire
  • felt/fabric
  • old pillowcases: similar to sheets, but because they are already enclosed... a whole different category where we can use for zillions of things!
  • SHARPIES!!!  (For me mostly)
  • Large cardboard boxes, etc.
 And for those of you who hit yard sales...

  • vintage pyrex, particularly in reddish or orange or yellow or brown tones... both bowls and cookingware.
  • old canning jars (I know, me-n-everybody else)
  • owls.  Seriously.  Especially vintage ceramic and soft owls and maybe weirdo looking birds, too.
  • vintage kitchen stuff.
  • lamps, especially ones with decent shades.  Or mid-century looking ones.  If you find it, I can turn it into something funky!  
  • vintage fabrics.  Especially mid century/60s/70s, but calicos, too.   Maybe toiles.  I have been on a sewing kick.  Coming soon, pics of the face of the quilt.  Maybe I will get out to get the batting soon...
And that pic is of some awesome napkins I made! We now use only cloth napkins, what with the old ones from when I was a girl, and these, and another ridiculous set I made out of orange/pink/yellow vintage fabric with crazy shopping ladies on it.  I re-purposed an old wicker plant stand to hold napkins.  Awesome! Plus, when I hand wash 'em (or have N do it), they look cool hanging on the doll-sized laundry line.

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