Monday, January 25, 2010

Religious sustainability??

As we think about social justice and mission around the world, particularly in light of the Haiti situation, I find myself wondering more and more about churches and sustainability... and churches and natural parenting... and supporting families and communities intelligently and deeply in ecological sustainability in their choices.

What I am talking about goes beyond salad window boxes and changing light bulbs, although that is an excellent place to start. How do we support breastfeeding, organic/local foods, energy efficiency, cloth diapers, re-use fashion, and community integration into food and child care and education systems? Dare we? What role does God play in this? What role do churches play?

Any thoughts?


Lula said...

Erica! Great question, and I am far from an expert, but I'd look towards the Unitarians or the Buddhists first. :) Elsa

EricaLeigh said...

I agree. I am working on a curriculum for a southern United Methodist Church with more conservative leanings that is working in an inner-city area, around food/gardening for school breaks, and for working in an organic bent. Trying not to tread on toes, but still stick to my guns, and wondering where that line is...