Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Biding our time

The nights are cold, but the days sunny and warm... when the fog finally burns off. Right now the poultry are getting smarter than the fence, and each day another seems to be out, but too stupid to figure out how to get back in. Tonight I am going to just open the gate, put out feed, and go in at dusk, and hopefully everyone will be where they are supposed to be.

Our momma hen seems to only have produced one live chick that then got stepped on or was hatched unwell. Too bad, as it had really lovely little chick fuzz all over it, in lots of beautiful colors.

We lost all the tomato plants to blight in the last week, and even the tomatoes that looked ok seemed to turn to mush shortly after being picked. Next year we will have to treat the soil and the plants to avoid its happening again. It has made the chance to get some heirlooms at farmer's market and at the local "local goods" store in Barre that much more of a luxury. Who would think that you'd not have tomatoes?? Very sad, really.

I had an appointment today and all seems well, heartbeat sounds great, weight is gaining as it should, belly size increasing as it should. He is certainly enjoying putting his toes up on my ribs! And he is definitely head-down now... which is probably the hidden reason behind the giant contraction and subsequent episodes of small contractions since last week. My midwife did say no more childcare at home... and normal activity only as it seems tolerable. Naps naps naps! And, let's get to week 35! (Four more weeks to go!)

The kids loved being up at camp in Island Pond with their dad, and I have to say, I miss it myself. They went fishing, and saw a moose, and just enjoyed the woods. Nadia began asking when we were going to go get them late on Sunday... and I was surprised she knew it was time! But I had to tell her they wouldn't be home until the next day, and even though she missed them, it made watching her run out to greet them yesterday afternoon that much more exciting.

Speaking of greetings, their bus just arrived, and here they come up the driveway for a quiet afternoon and some chores and homework.

Love to you all!

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